March 4, 2018

Mindset Coaching: Hear & Pour

Mindset Coaching: Hear & Pour


You ever realize something about yourself and it hits you like a ton of bricks? Well, over the course of the last year I have embraced something that I’ve been honing and nurturing pretty much my entire life. It’s an immense feeling of servicing others by encouraging and helping them take the first steps to navigate the toughest landscapes within their selves.

So that sounds kinda heavy right?! I know tell me about it!

Ok real quick…. let me tell you how incredibly odd, weird, different (you name it) this has made me feel over the years. I’d find myself offering advice and guidance to friends, classmates, older family members and even my parents! Like for real no lie my freakin grandmother and my parents yo! Let that sink in lol. I’d tell myself whoa Keyonna pump ya breaks , what the heck you think this is? With all of the internal battles I’ve faced what makes me think I have anything to offer to anyone. Who am I? Well it turns out this isn’t something I’ve chosen but something that resides in me whether I try to hide it or not. This is my why, a heartfelt passion, my purpose, my service.

And you know what? I’ll take it.

I’m innately pretty nifty at hearing, pouring into others, and guiding them into a destiny that’s been calling to them. What do I mean when I say “hear and pour”? I mean that when you speak I have a way of feeling out what you’re really saying and needing. The things that we sometimes are unable to articulate or hear within ourselves. And then guess what? I offer something to you to kick start your journey…. This is the pour. That could be a helpful resource or pointing you in the right direction. But more so though, I tend to help people consider that they can have a different reality and what they can do to achieve it …….if they choose to put in the work.

Officially offering this as a service makes me feel so so vulnerable and is in some ways is out of my comfort zone. Making it so publically known. And then being all hey ya’ll come listen to me lol. Most people know me as a fedora wearing soft spoken photographer. I’ve been comfortably hiding behind that for years. But in this same space of vulnerability I feel so steady and at home. If I can help just one person I’m game, lets go. We often believe we will crash and burn at something we want so badly but if we take a second to listen to our hearts and check our success rate we’d sing a different tune.

It’s time to unpack the old story you’ve been replaying in your mind over and over again. Retrain your thoughts and reframe your mindset. 

Soon I’ll be offering one on one and group coaching to help you over come your fears + own your shit. I’ll be there coaching, cheering, and walking along side you every step of the way. Everything you’ve secretly wanted is waiting for you ….. you ready? Subscribe to my mindset coaching wait list by email me at . In the email share with me the areas of your life you’re ready to explore and a bit about yourself. When I’m ready to launch you’ll be the first to know <3

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